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Amazing Benefits

Amazing Benefits

Tea is one of the few earthly treasures that is both delicious and good for you.

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Better Blends

Better Blends

Indulge, escape and steep something special for your body and mind.

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Loose Leaf Capsule

Single Serve

The only loose leaf teas available in RealCup™ capsules.

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Mix and Match

Find your favourite tea at your local Metro Store across


What's Brewing:

Coffee and Tea company to Start Selling Recyclable Single-Serving Pods​

Amazing Benefits  
One concern expressed by consumers considering the adoption of a single-serve hot beverage system is whether the pods that contain coffee or tea can be recycled. For most of the popular brands, the pods have posed a problem for the environmentally minded because they have been made of a hard plastic not
typically recycled in municipal systems. A privately held Canadian company, Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee, is the latest business trying to address the issue with the introduction of EcoCup, a clear, recyclable pod that...