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Amazing Benefits

Amazing Benefits

Tea is one of the few earthly treasures that is both delicious and good for you.

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Better Blends

Better Blends

Indulge, escape and steep something special for your body and mind.

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Loose Leaf Capsule

Single Serve

The only loose leaf teas available in RealCup™ capsules.

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Mix & Match

Mix and Match

Experiment with tea and create your own special blend.

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Tea Travellers

Assam in June
The drive from Jorhat left us numb. The potholes in the road were the cause, made worse by a spring-less jeep and torrid humidity. The pain receded as we tasted world renowned second flush teas. Assam teas are famous for their gutty, malty teas. A few have a heavenly 'raspberry jam' note; my personal pot at the end of the rainbow!

Inspired Flav​our

Higgins & Burke English Breakfast

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