History and Origin


Knowledge and Experience

Steeped in tradition, Higgins & Burke™ Naturals has been offering discerning tea drinkers the finest in specialty teas since 1912. For over 100 years, our passion for naturally delicious tea has helped Higgins & Burke™ become a brand of choice in Canada.

Quality and Procurement

We know that quality tea can only come from quality ingredients, which is why our experts focus on selecting the best, high-grown teas that mature slowly to produce the finest most flavoursome cups. The same care and attention goes into the procurement of the leaves, flowers, roots and stems that make up our delicious fruit, herb and spiced teas.

It goes without saying that our experts work long and hard to bring you these natural gems from the world’s premier growing regions and lush tea plantations. We truly travel the distance to put great taste in your favourite tea, naturally.