Sustainable Farmer Field Schools


Mother Parkers invests in helping Sri Lankan farmers, ensuring their lives are enriched by the growing of this crop. They recognize the important role of farmers in producing the high-quality tea behind Higgins & Burke Naturals™.

Through the Ethical Tea Partnership’s experience in Farmer Field Schools in Kenya, we know that they are very effective in addressing both technical shortcomings and social issues within a smallholder tea-based economy. For this reason, we have invested in the expansion of this programme to Sri Lanka, where cultural issues have hampered both societal harmony and in-field learnings for decades. Working with Waltrim estate, we started with 30 farmers, and engaged them (and their families!) on a wide variety of training to improve their livelihoods, and their quality of life.

This holistic approach has received wide acclaim from those in the programme, and the management team, who are intending to roll this programme out to other estates within the same area.