Sustainable Packaging & Operations


All of our cartons and capsules are unbleached, and made with 100% recycled fibres (minimum of 50% post-consumer).

You may be surprised to know that the waste created by K-Cups® and other single-serve capsules sold in North America in 2014 produced enough trash to circle the earth 11 times. If we lined up all the people in the living U.S. single file, they would circle the earth only 7 times—which is 4 times less!

That’s why we’re working in collaboration with our partners at Mother Parkers to bring the first recyclable and easy-to-use, single-serve capsule, to you. Our RealCup® capsules are made with new EcoCup™ technology – simply snap the lid to recycle the capsule. While other major single serve competitors are on record stating sustainability targets of 2020, we hope you’ll join us today on the path to a brighter tomorrow.

All of our production for North America is in North America! Sounds obvious, but much of what you see on shelves is not, and that’s of growing concern from a climate change standpoint.

It’s a fact that blending and packing tea closer to you helps protect the original quality of the tea, and reduces the impact of your tea on the environment. Packing tea where it is grown sounds like a good idea, but it takes 10 times the amount of energy, making the carbon emissions unjustifiable. And, just in case you needed to feel even better about what’s in your cup, tea is known to absorb and render carbon dioxide to give us flavour and antioxidant properties.

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