Sustainable Tea


We’re helping to create a thriving, global tea industry that is socially fair and environmentally sustainable.

Higgins & Burke™ Naturals is a member of The Ethical Tea Partnership – a non-for-profit membership organization that works to improve tea sustainability, the lives and livelihoods of tea workers/farmers, and the environment in which tea is produced. 

Higgins & Burke Naturals™ shares the Ethical Tea Partnership’s vision of creating a thriving tea industry that puts the planet first.

Unlike certification programmes, the Ethical Tea Partnership is nonpartisan; it is a pre-competitive platform with a global membership and a common goal to make the tea industry sustainable. It achieves this by addressing the big issues that other organizations cannot hope to do, and that governments sometimes struggle with. Best of all, we are able to do this without any cost to producers; it’s just moral good sense!

As well as these systemic issues, The Ethical Tea Partnership works with individual farms to help improve the lives of tea workers and their environment by:

  • Raising their core standards to meet internationally-recognized social and environmental standards
  • Implementing programs to promote equal employment opportunities for men and women
  • Introducing good practice farming to secure livelihoods
  • Establishing health and safety programs
  • Improving labour relations and environmental training on soil, water, ecosystem and wildlife management
  • Supporting good agricultural practice and ways to minimize deforestation
  • Performing clean water testing programs
  • Establishing quality and product improvements to increase market access and income


Higgins & Burke Naturals and The Ethical Tea Partnership

Our black and green teas are 100% sourced and purchased through The Ethical Tea Partnership. Plus, our buying practices include the most vigorous quality-assurance audits to ensure that we live up to your expectations and leave you feeling good, every time you sip your favourite tea.

Since it was founded in 1997, the Ethical Tea Partnership has worked on a wide range of issues that have brought about long-lasting improvements for people who live and work on tea estates. You can find out more at: