5 Simple Ways to Take a Restorative Pause At Work

By Sunny Robertson

We know that most of the time you enjoy your job, but let’s be honest, everyone needs a break at one point or another. Whether you’re at your desk, in the boardroom or the lunchroom, you’d be surprised how easy it is to clear your mind, so you can be better focused on your tasks at hand. So wherever you are right now, simply stop, take a restorative pause and then go back to work more energized than ever with these 5 tricks: The Timed Timeout, A Cup a Day, Save Your Breakfast, Play Some Tunes and Clean Up.

  1. The Timed Timeout

Set a timer to go off each hour that you sit at your desk. When it goes off, do something that clears your mind for a minute or two. This could be going on a short walk, doodling in your notebook, or if you’re up to it, 10 pushups.

  1. A Cup a Day Keeps the Stress Away

Head into the kitchen and boil up some water for a cup of tea. Pour hot water over your Higgins & Burke™ tea bag of choice and as you wait for your tea to steep, let your mind wander far from the boardroom down the hall. Now’s your chance to read your tea’s packaging so you know just what’s going into your body. When your tea is ready, feel yourself relax, one sip at a time.

  1. Save your Breakfast for the Office

If your office allows, bring your breakfast to work and enjoy it at your desk instead of chomping down on a bagel as you walk to work. Use breakfast for what it is – a break to collect yourself before taking on your day’s work. (Some of our favourite work breakfasts are granola bars, avocado toast and fruit salad). Add a nice cup of tea to kick-start your day.

  1. Play Some Tunes

Are you sick of hearing the same songs all day long? Or maybe your office doesn’t play music? Whatever your situation, many offices allow and even encourage their employees to listen to music. Put on your headphones, turn on your favourite song, and feel your stresses fall away.

  1. Clean Up

We know what you’re thinking – how can cleaning up be restorative? The answer is simple. It gives you a break from your work and allows your mind to travel elsewhere. It can also be a relief when you are finished cleaning to have a neat and organized work space. Less mess can often lead to less stress.